Many of the pictures we took were of obviously compelling sights. The Potala, Yamdruk So, Mount Everest are probably on the same list as the statue of Liberty and the Grand Canyon (photographically speaking). People pictures are very individual and for us were more compelling. Here are are some of the favorites. They are grouped when there is a reason to group them.

Kids in or around Lhasa.

Feeding the fish on the lake north of the Potala





A young monk at Sera Monastery



Hamming for the Camera near Drepung





An old Sherpa who showed us the quickest way to climb Chokpori. It took him only a few moments to climb the hill. We dragged behind.




Playing around on the roof of the Jokhang.





A true Kodak moment- trying to get the film loaded. Jokhang, Lhasa.





Prostrations at the entrance to the Jokhang Temple.


Monks on the roof of the Jokhang.



Young monk in the garden he tends, outside Lhasa.



Great fun... near Drepung.



Volunteering her services as a tour guide at Nechung.



Visitors to Drepung monastery

An Entire Village arrives on foot at Tsurphu, the seat of the Karmapa to await an audience and a blessing.





Nomad mother and child at Karo La mountain pass.



A group on pilgrimage makes offerings at a mountain pass. Between Shigatse and Tigri.



The pilgrim is offering Lung-Ta or Wind horses. These small pieces of paper ore thrown into the winds at high places to carry prayers.






This Lung-Ta is shown actual size. It was given to me by a friend.







Our party came upon a roadside celebration with a village dancing!