Surprise visit by the 17 th Karmapa to Tashilumpu Monastery, About 21 September 1994


The main courtyard of one of the main halls of Tashilumpo monastery suddenly filled with people who rapidly formed (or were formed) into a long line. (MOST unusual in Tibet!)


A throng of people surrounding one individual descended a stairway. As always a Chinese Cadre, wearing western clothing in these photos, was in attendance.

The individual is the 17th Karmapa. One of the leaders of the Kagyu lineage. The current Karmapa is a 10 year old. His seat is Tsurphu, about 30 miles from Lhasa up the Tolung river valley.


The long line of people were in attendance for an audience and to receive a blessing from this revered reincarnation.