In September of 1994 I traveled along with seven companions from San Francisco to Tibet. Some of our company were veterans of many trips to that part of the world. I was not. This was my first trip anywhere more exotic than London or Venice. Although Tibet is certainly off the beaten path, it is now easy get there, by air or overland.


A Map of Tibet may be found at We flew from Kathmandu, Nepal to Lhasa. Our return trip was overland through Gyantse, Shigatse, Sakya, Tigri and finally returning to Nepal through Kodari. All in all the conventional route.


The pictures presented on these pages represent a few of the many many photos we took. Of course many of the photos duplicate those taken by other travelers, both recent and remote. The photodocumentation of the 1904 British ( Colonel Younghusband ) "invasion" of Tibet features pictures of the same things taken from the same location as we came home with. It is reassuring that the power of these sights to inspire has not changed and despite the Chinese occupation and widespread destruction, many elements of Tibetan civilization remain, though they are certainly threatened.

On leaving Nepal, I really knew we were getting somewhere when, on this clear day, half of the passengers on this 737 moved to the left side of the airplane. My first view of Mount Everest through the airplane window.



During our first day, my preoccupation was being concious of breating at 12000 ft (although it wasn't all that bad). What follows are grouped somewhat arbitrarily but within groups in chronological order. I've divided them into pages on Lhasa, people, places, monasteries, fauna and finally an identification of our traveling companions.


All Photographs are copyright W Leach and AS Pollock 1994

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