The YAK is invariably associated with Tibet. These massive bovines which do not live below 10000 feet are ubiquitous and are working animals. They are usually decorated with tassels and a patch worn on the forehead.

YAK is the male of the species

DRI is the female.

We traveled over a 17,200 foot pass. Yaks were grazing several hundred feet above us on the mountainsides. We were above the tree-line, above the grass-line, above the scrub brush line.... but not above the Yak line !!





Mountain sheep, grazing at about 16000 feet with an uninterrupted Himalayan mountain chain as a backdrop.



We saw only two living cats during several weeks in Tibet. They were all scrawny and under protection of monks. The reason is because the dominant wildlife in Tibet is






I own four dogs but only learned their true nature by observing them in Tibet. I found out that in their natural state, they can take or leave people and prefer to sleep all day and howl all night!!


The one exception seems to be their relationship with Tibetan Buddhist monks, which is ... well special.